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How hard is it to eat meat-free in Europe? Oddly enough, I've heard as many Europeans complain that America is a tough place to be a vegetarian as I've heard American vegetarians say that Europe is more challenging. Of course, both regions span a wide range of cultures and cuisines — the vegetarian scene differs just as much between, say, London and an alpine village as it does between L. But the main difficulty for veggie travelers isn't so much inherent to any locale, it's that you're simply not at home, where you can easily cook for yourself, and where you're already familiar with your favorite spots in town.

The good news is that vegetarianism is hardly unfamiliar anywhere in Europe. There aren't really any corners of Europe where it's that tough to find enough vegetarian options to keep you fueled, so don't let your diet limit your itinerary.

How To Survive As A Vegetarian In Europe

And now that people everywhere are coming to understand the giant environmental impact of meat production, it's safe to assume that it will only get easier to eat meat-free on the road. Go big at breakfast. In northern countries where meat is usually an option in hotel breakfasts, it's easy enough to load up from the buffet on yogurt, eggs, cheese, and oats.

Continental breakfasts, more common in the south, are normally meatless anyway, but can be skimpy, particularly on the protein consider hitting the corner store for yogurt, or other supplements, before heading out for the day. Get hip to picnics. Meat-free picnic lunches are easy, cheap, and a wonderful way to sample Europe's delicious fresh bread, regional cheeses, and antipasto specialties available in neighborhood bakeries, delis, and supermarkets.

Health-food stores, widely labeled with "bio" or some variation on "biological" European code for "organic"are also a good source for snacks and light meals. Keep your daypack stocked with snacks.

Even carnivores are smart to keep some snacks on hand, so that hunger pangs won't derail your sightseeing or drive you to settle for a mediocre meal. The greater your dietary restrictions, the more important it is to stock your daypack with a few healthy snacks such as nuts, carrots, and energy bars.

Enjoy meat-free street food and cheap eats. Throughout Europe, you're rarely far from take-out pizza or a neighborhood kebab stand serving falafel. In Spain, tapas bars include plenty of tasty meatless nibbles, and in Greece, hearty salads rich with olives and feta are ubiquitous.

Cafeterias, such as the cheery, freshly stocked ones that commonly take up the top floor of major department stores, are a particularly good option, since you can see exactly what you're getting and select an assortment of foods that suit your diet.Single Accounts Corporate Solutions Universities. Popular Statistics Topics Markets. Veganism and Vegetarianism in Europe. This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts on veganism and vegetarianism in Europe. The dossier includes an introduction to increasing levels of vegetarianism.

Aspects of meat that are causing concern among consumers are then addressed, as well as the performance of vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes and alternatives. Table of contents 1. Share of vegetarian diet followers worldwideby region Vegetarianism and veganism among young adults in selected European countries Share of people who are vegetarian in leading countries in Europe Number of vegetarian restaurants per million inhabitants Europe Reasons why Europeans plan to eat less meat in Share of consumers eating more vegetarian food in Europe in Global share of vegan product launchesby country.

Meat alternatives and substitutes. Share of consumers buying meat alternatives in Europe in Sales revenue of vegetarian food and drink products in the United Kingdom Take home sales value of meat alternatives in the United Kingdom UK Chilled vegetarian foods: Market value in the United Kingdom Sales value of pea protein meat substitutes in the United Kingdom Sales value of pea protein meat substitutes in Italy Sales value of meat substitutes in Germany Consumer insights.

Vegetarians and vegans in Italy Willingness to buy vegetarian meat substitute products in Germany in Preferences regarding vegetarian processed food in Germany in Opinions on the future of current food trends in Germany in Share of population who would consider becoming vegetarian in France in Share of meat-free evening meals in the United Kingdom UK Meat substitutes used in the Netherlandsby product Willingness to use insects as a meat substitute in the Netherlands Meat concerns.

Share of consumers limiting meat intake due to health concerns in Europe in Reasons for eating less meat and fish in Sweden Consumer concerns regarding meat and poultry purchases United Kingdom UK in Meat samples with salmonella resistant to one or more antibiotics UK Order dossier. Yes, let me download! More than 7, companies trust Statista.

Procter and Gamble. Recommended studies and dossiers.

download vegetarian europe

Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in the Netherlands. Electronic cigarettes e-cigarettes consumer behavior. Vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians in Belgium. Coronavirus: impact on the retail landscape in the U. Show more. Percentage change in sales value of meat alternatives in Italy Canadians' willingness to try plant-based meat alternatives Canadians planning to try plant-based meat alternatives by income Where Canadians have tried plant-based meat alternatives by demographic Statista is a great source of knowledge, and pretty helpful to manage the daily work.

Esther Shaulova. Contact Europe.Vegan is a new buzz word, apparently. Veganism is trendingthey say. And vegan Europe is at the forefront of the movement, with a plethora of amazing vegan restaurants and options no matter where you go. So naturally, the question arises: what are the best vegan cities in Europe?

However, there is usually no rubric or basis for choosing these vegan cities beyond the fact that the writer had some good vegan food there. So, naturally, we decided to write our own list to the most vegan friendly cities in Europe — based on actual facts and statistics, with some parameters.

We first started this list of the best vegan European cities in and have updated it yearly ever since. We used the number of fully vegan restaurants listed on HappyCow like a vegan Yelp as a barometer. There surely are vegan friendly cities in Europe with few vegan restaurants but vegan options aplenty in traditional cuisine. There are many places whose traditional cuisine can be quite vegan-friendly and we love to search out these dishes. But these accidentally vegan dishes are exactly that — accidental.

When possible, we like to support people and initiatives like vegan restaurants, sanctuaries, hotels, etc. Every time we visit a new city, we check out Happy Cow and read guides by local bloggers. This is what has helped us to write our many vegan city guides and eat at some of the best vegan restaurants in Europe and the U.

Doing some research is key to successful vegan trips.

download vegetarian europe

One more thing to keep in mind — the actual proportion of vegan spots to the total population. To use a U. Many of the best European cities for vegans are capitals, but some of them are smaller cities — there were quite a few cities on here that surprised us, and we expect will surprise you too!

Keep in mind that as restaurants open and close, these numbers may vary slightly throughout the course of the year. But this is more than just a simple ranking of the best European cities for vegans!

We also include tons of resources to help you in planning your trip. Many times the writer has only spent one day in the destination and simply lists restaurants that they never even tried. Without further long-winded adieu, here are the best vegan friendly European cities! Both cities regularly come in on lists of top vegan cities in the world.

There are over one hundred vegan restaurants in London, and travelers will have no shortage of events to attend. Every month there are multiple vegan street fairs, events, and meetups.

The UK, in general, is one of the most vegan friendly countries in Europe. We spent an entire summer there, house sitting in insanely vegan friendly cities of Glasgow and Brighton and traveling throughout the country in between. VeganLondon is a website completely dedicated to everything vegan London duh. Where to Stay : There is no shortage of vegan London accommodations.

Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe in 2020

Click on the hotel names to check prices and availability.When you hear Europewhat comes to your mind? Pretty cities. Amazing food. Chilled out people. Its blank. Although expensive, there are increasing number of vegan options as well.

What about Indian vegetarians? Well, the real struggle for people like me is to explain what I really want and stress on what I do not want in my food.

I have seen baffled looks when I say no fish, no meat, no egg in my food. Mostly they serve only salad then. This middle form is difficult for them to understand. Here are few reactions that I get almost every time I ask for my kind of vegetarian food. This is a worldwide debate. But you eat dairy products so you are not a vegan! What do you eat? What are you?!

This will be the most absurd thing to hear especially for an Indian vegetarian. Again, they lack the knowledge of Indian Vegetarianism. Its better to tell them very specifically in advance.

Often these Indian restaurants are not run by Indians. Hence, it is simple for them to sell Chicken Tikka to Europeans.We could all agree on the fact that love for food is universal. So, I thought of compiling a huge post about some of the best vegetarian food options you can try out while travelling across Europe.

While some may constitute appetizers, others may be good as the main course and look out for the occasional snacks or dessert items in the list. Thanks to all the bloggers and travellers who shared their thoughts about vegetarian food in Europe. You can save the following image on Pinterest to find this post easily later. Please do share this post with all your foodie friends. My personal favourite is Cheese Fondue. I absolutely love this heavenly mix of melted cheese eaten with bread and fruits.

Then there are some dishes typical to certain regions, like Capuns from the canton of Graubunden, Polenta from Ticino or Cholera not at all scary from Valais for instance. I love soups too, like pumpkinparsnip or leek. Mehlsuppe or flour soup is popular in Basel during the Fasnacht Carnival. It is also easy to find Doner and Falafel shops or restaurants offering other cuisines like Italian, Mexican etc.

download vegetarian europe

I made some of my Indian friends try Swiss snacks and sweets for the first time and will be linking that video here soon. Meanwhile, here is a short video showing a cheese fondue recipe. Plus, it is very easy to buy Falafel wrapsthin pizzas and find a lot of bakeries offering a variety of vegetarian snacks like Pretzels, Strudels and desserts. Coffee and cake is a tradition you will observe in the country and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you might have a hard time refraining from trying all the delicious cakes and pastries available!

No matter how much I tried looking for dumplings similar in taste, somehow nothing tasted better after that. I also compiled a short post about some of the best restaurants offering vegetarian food in Bonn and Heidelberg.

I am glad to have Maria from Maria Abroad tell us more about the dumplings. This is a very popular vegetarian dish in Germany during the summer and fall months chanterelle season. You mix the ingredients together and form tennis ball sized balls that are boiled for about 20 minutes in simmering salt water. The chanterelle cream sauce is so delicious, you want to lick your plate clean, I promise.

A creamy roux, coats the juicy chanterelles and every time you bite into a mushroom, you get a burst of earthy, juicy goodness.

A Vegetarian travel guide to Europe…

Chanterelles, unlike most other mushrooms, cannot be grown commercially. Definitely a must try, if you are looking for a vegetarian dish in Germany, which admittedly, can be a bit harder to find in some restaurants. It is especially popular in Berlin, where it is said to have originated in Nowadays you can get a decent currywurst everywhere in Germany — even a vegan or vegetarian one! Here, you can choose between a steamed or smoked vegan sausage with all different kinds of sauces.

My favourite is the peanut sauce! Take the skinny fries in a paper bag to go along. They are the best! Despite the name involving curry, currywurst is usually not that spicy. Got curious about the currywurst? Connect with Sonja on Facebook or Twitter. Vegetarian food in France. If you travel around France, you will find each region to have its own speciality.

Some vegetarian food easily available would include crepes, baguettes, falafel wraps and now in some places, quinoa burgers. Flammkuchen is also a speciality of the Alsace Region in France. But, this was just by chance. If you look up places before hand, you will not face such issues.The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services.

For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them when they are shopping. With the V-Label, companies promote transparency and clarity. The V-Label helps you to identify vegan and vegetarian products and services. For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them during their daily shop and gives them the clarity they need.

With the V-Label, companies help to promote transparency. Standardised criteria and inspections ensure that the V-Label is a unique seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products and services all across Europe. For me, the V-Label is an easy-to-understand guide that makes everyday life much easier. The V-Label provides clarity on the market for vegan and vegetarian products. We look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to the V-Label. We love to license you Request now.

Frequently asked questions Link. Numerous brands already carry the V-Label. Information on the V-Label The V-Label helps you to identify vegan and vegetarian products and services. Learn more. Johanna, 33 Easy Guidance For me, the V-Label is an easy-to-understand guide that makes everyday life much easier. Timo, 29 Consistent Criteria The V-Label provides clarity on the market for vegan and vegetarian products.

Get in touch! Get in touch. This website is using cookies to improve usability. By using this website, you agree to our terms. You'll find more info about cookies and privacy here. Accept Reject. Show privacy and cookie notices. Necessary Necessary. Non-necessary Non-necessary.The market for vegetarian products and meat alternatives is growing rapidly and there is a need to help consumers identify these products.

We developed the V-Label, a registered label for vegetarian and vegan products. Currently over European companies make use of our V-label. Our members now include 39 national vegetarian and vegan organisations from 25 European countries.

Top 10 Countries to Visit if You’re Vegan

EVU is acknowledged as a trustworthy representative, thanks to the collective skills, knowledge and expertise of our member organisations.

The EVU is the voice of a growing number of Europeans choosing vegan and vegetarian products over animal-based nutrition. In order to make vegetarian and meat-reduced lifestyles safer and easier, we get in touch with political actors and demand changes where we see shortcomings.

European vegetarian activities. Our V-Label The market for vegetarian products and meat alternatives is growing rapidly and there is a need to help consumers identify these products.

download vegetarian europe

Learn more about our V-Label. Our network Our members now include 39 national vegetarian and vegan organisations from 25 European countries.

Tips for Vegetarians in Europe

Learn more about our network. Our priorities The EVU is the voice of a growing number of Europeans choosing vegan and vegetarian products over animal-based nutrition.

Learn more about our priorities.

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