Lion king meets humans fanfiction

Here is Chapter 2! Oh and dont worry, there will be no Jace x Kiara, they're just friends. I dont own The Lion King or any of its characters.

I only own Jace and every human character. Jace was startled by the lion's sudden appearence and jumped back. The lion just kept staring at him with hostile eyes. A couple of seconds later a lionness, a meerkat, and a warthog joined the lion.

No more hunting for you, ever again! He then turned his attention to Jace. He had never seen such a weird animal. Jace did save my life!

lion king meets humans fanfiction

Its true that two of his kind tried to kill me, but if it wasnt for him I probably wouldnt be here right now! They will most probably try to kill many among your pride. More of them will be here soon and I have a message to give to your pride, they need to know what the enemy is capable of. You may stay at Pride Rock for the time being, but if you cause any damage to my pride, you will pay! Jace was relieved, he then started to follow the king. He then eyed the older lionness and walked beside her.

After that talk, the group just kept walking and walking for a really long time. Not wanting to bother Nala or especially Simba, the human approached Kiara. As for where it is, we should be there in no time. As to confirm Kiara's words, a few minutes later Jace spotted Pride Rock. He was amazed, never he imagined that such a humongeous natural structure could possibly exist. His jaw dropped. Kiara seeing this started to giggle. They started to make their way towards the den, where every lionness circled the princess and started asking her question and expressing their relief.

Just then they noticed the newcomer. Not knowing who, or what it was they kept their distance from him. Simba then growled a bit to get the attention of everyone. He then eyed Jace. Jace could understand that the lion still didnt trust him, but he had to tell evryone about the danger that would strike the Pride Lands very soon. He nodded to the king and started speaking.

They came here to kill as many animals as possible that dwell in this land. Moreover some try to kill animals just for the fun of it. And why are you helping us when bringing back our bodies would assure you a reward? I was tricked into thinking that me and the rest of my group came here to assure that the animals could live freely without human interference.Helloooooooooooooo everybody!

Welcome back to another chapter of A human turned Glavenus in the Pride Lands! Troy found himself standing in the middle of a field. He had no idea how he got here, but what shocked him the most was that he was human again.

lion king meets humans fanfiction

He looked at his hands, wiggling his fingers, before lifting his head up. He whirled around and was shocked to see who it was. She didn't reply, only gazing at him.

She was still as beautiful as he remembered. But there was something about her he didn't recognize, something that unnerved him greatly…. They gleamed demonically, burning with anger, rage, and hatred. She radiated a malevolent aura, an aura that seemed to affect the land around them as the sky darkened, and thunder rumbled loudly. Troy was utterly shocked by the venom in her voice. He opened his mouth to reply, but before he could get any words out, Kayla had suddenly zoomed up to him.

Just a second later, he felt an intense pain rip into his chest. Weakly, his eyes drifted downward and they widened in horror. His breathing was heavy and ragged as he attempted to get it under control while looking around. He was not standing in a field anymore.

He was in his spot at Pride Rock, and he was still a Glavenus. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon. After a few moments, Troy had managed to get his breathing under control, but the nightmare still weighed heavily on his mind.

The way Kayla stared at him with such unbridled anger and fury disturbed him. That… that was not the Kayla he had met two years ago. She was a kind and caring person, but she can be mean and even nasty to those who get on her bad side. While he had never been on the receiving end of that side of Kayla, he had witnessed it a few times, and it had scared him shitless each time. There was one time at one of Zack's parties when Kayla and a random girl got into an argument, but Kayla had torn that girl a new one.

Troy had never seen anyone look so pale before. Knowing that sleep would elude him after having that unpleasant nightmare, Troy lifted himself onto his feet and went for a walk. By the time Troy had returned to Pride Rock, the sun had risen, gracing the Pride Lands with its light. The lionesses were up and about, conversing among themselves. Then, a voice drew Troy's attention. Nala nodded in understanding. Troy frowned before turning his attention to the king.

I'll be with her.Yes, I'm finally doing a Lion King Fanfiction, huzzah! It is only 3 chapters long at the time of writing this, but his story has inspired me to write my own Lion King Fanfiction, and I will make my story as different from his as possible.

So thank you, Drew and good luck on the success on your Lion King Fanfiction and any other Fanfiction you decide to work on next. The sun shined brightly over the never-ending blue sky of the Pride Lands. It had been three months since Simba and his pride defeated Zira and the outlanders joined the Pridelanders, and life in the Pride Lands was all well.

Kovu and Kiara were soon to be mates in a few months, and the rest of the pride couldn't be happier for them. His mate was relaxing with Kovu at Pride Rock's waterhole; the Pridelanders had heard a loud crash near Pride Rock, and the King ordered his family to watch over his subjects and for any threats to the pride while he was gone. Simba climbed on top of a rock on a large hill and surveyed the beautiful landscape. Over in one direction were the outlands, where the lions that followed Zira lived after Scar's defeat.

In another direction was the stretched out plains and a large forest that took up a small part of the Pride Lands. The forest was like a maze and it was hard to get through. If you could get through it, it would lead to the outside of the Pride Lands.

Simba climbed down from the rock and began going near the forest, spying a lone zebra that had wondered away from its herd. Feeing the familiar urge of hunger, the king crouched down low in the tall glass and began making his way towards the distracted zebra, slowly.

When he got close enough, he began running at the zebra, roaring. The zebra, hearing a roar and seeing the huge lion approaching him at a great speed, began running into the dense forest with Simba at his heels. The great king jumped over fallen trees that been knocked down during a storm, branches, bushes and other forest residue in order to catch the zebra.

However, he paused when he heard a faint sobbing noise and that pause sent him face-palming into a tree while the zebra stomped away. Simba shook his head and recovered from the crash. He was about to continue the chase when he heard the sobbing again. The king began her way towards the sobbing and, after pushing through some bushes, came to a large clearing within the forest. And right into the middle of the forest was the charred remains of… something.

It was huge and had a narrow shape, bigger than an elephant, and was coloured a silver colour with a long blue stripe on the side. It had many holes on the sides and black charring over it.

It used to have wings, but now it was missing them. The middle of it was split in half.I knew I had to do something quick or these poachers would kill me. I thought of maybe trying to talk them out of this. The poachers just looked at each other confused before turning back with grins on their faces. I knew then and there they weren't going to spare me.

One of them stepped forward. I quickly obeyed as he lead me away from the dirt track into the long grass.

I saw his friend go back to the lioness and begin to drag her onto the back of their truck. The poacher eventually told me to stop and kneel down. He loaded his rifle and pointed it at my head.

I looked at him in disgust. But I then realised the situation, while his friend was distracted this was my chance to fight back. He waved his gun to point where he meant. This was my chance to attack.

I lunged straight at him grabbing him by the hair. This caused him to drop his gun in surprise as he kicked and punched at me. I was hit the face numerous times and had my stomach nearly kicked out. Him being much stronger than me it wasn't long before he threw me to the floor beaten and blooded. He kneeled over me and drew a large hunting knife. I saw it coming, and quickly grabbed his arms to hold the knife away from my stomach. But nothing I could do could hold it away for very long.

In the struggle, I saw a large rock only a couple of feet away. I reached an arm out to reach it, letting the knife plunge into my stomach. I screamed in agony, while also grabbing hold of the rock. With all my strength I smashed the rock into the poachers head as hard as I could.

This killed him instantly and knocked him straight to the floor causing blood to fly everywhere. I looked at my stomach and slowly pulled the knife out shouting in pain. When I removed it, blood began to pour out my stomach. The pain was so intense I began to cry and scream.

Eventually, I overcame the agony and crawled over to the poachers hunting rifle. I had experience with guns as I used to shoot clay pigeons with my dad.

After checking if it still functional I slowly stood up, and limped back towards the poachers truck. At this pointed my face was red and my clothes were covered from neck to toe in blood from the struggle.

I knew I needed help soon or I would bleed to death.I slowly regained consciousness and only saw fire surrounding me.

lion king meets humans fanfiction

There was also thick smoke filling the air and stopping me from breathing. I quickly reached down to try and undo my seatbelt, only to momentarily stop and look next to me. I saw my parents lying lifeless, with blood all over them. I knew from only one look that they were dead. But I also knew if I hung around much longer I'd be dead too. With tears in my eyes I fiddled to undo my belt. When I was free I grabbed my rucksack from under my seat and tried to find my way to the emergency exit.

The smoke was so thick it was hard to find the door. But when I had lost all hope I saw a small shine of light in the smoke. I ran straight too it and found the exit had been smashed open in the crash.

I wasted no time in jumping through the door, and landed on the dusty ground below. I immediately turned back and saw the horrifying sight. The plane was broken into pieces, and bodies were scattered across the floor.

This was too much, and I quickly vomited from the shock of the situation. I soon began to panic and starting shouting to see if anyone was still alive. There was no response anywhere which made me realise I was on my own.

When I finally gave up shouting, and looked at the horizon around me. We had crashed in the safari, and there was nothing but hills and trees for miles and miles. But I still had hope there may be civilization nearby, so I decided I should start walking. I didn't know whether or not I would get out of this alive. Before I started walking I checked what food I had in my rucksack. All I found was two oat bars and a bottle of water I had been saving for when we landed.Welcome to the next update of The Human Pridelander!

I'd like to thank each one of you for the response I got last chapter! I'm really glad you liked it, but please, also feel free to give some constructive criticism if need be. It's always welcome if you have a critical opinion. And I already sense some critiques coming a mile away for this particular chapter, and for good reason. Well, you'll have to read and find out. Keep in mind, these are all the original chapters of the story, so nothing will be changed from the original text and meaning of the story.

So for that reason, you may be asking: 'So why bother with constructive criticism? Well, that's because after this story is back up, I'll begin the sequel to it, and will utilize those critiques well moving forward! Sorry for rambling, but I just had to get this explanation out there! XD As was my tradition, I'll respond to the reviews of the previous chapter, then this current chapter shall commence!

Jestalnaker Glad to hear it, man! It's certainly good hearing from you again, as well! Marcus Graves Guest : Heh heh. XD Sorry about that, my friend. This story getting deleted was definitely a bad time, but luckily the previous chapters have been found and will slowly be released as they were before!

Thanks for reading, as well as remembering. XD However, as for the sequel? I'm all ears! Also yes, Ikkane will certainly be returning! TheBlindSangheili: You're too kind. It's here once again, and this time for good! I sincerely hope you love your favorite fic as much as you did the first time.

AutobotGuy Thank you!Hey guys, this is officially my very first fanfiction, so any advice, suggestions or recommendations are highly appreciated. Disclaimer: I only own Connor and other OCs. The Lion King and all of its characters are property of Disney. Also, happy 4th of July. Fate can be an odd thing at times; you never know when it will throw a curveball at you and turn your life upside down.

Kind of like what has happened to me in my life lately, and yet I am still unsure if fate's hand for me was either a burden, or a blessing. My name is Connor Geigns, I'm sixteen years old, six feet tall with short brown hair, and an average build, and this is my story.

I used to be like every other teenager on Earth. I had two loving parents, Trevor and Marie, my fun little brother Trevor Junior, or TJ as we would call him, at the age of twelve, and on a personal level, a love for animals. From large African Elephants, to tiny pet mice, animals were my passion, and as luck would have it, my father owned a local animal hospital, Geigns Animal Care. Every day after school, I would ride my bike over to the Animal hospital to watch my dad work, and every now and then, learn a thing or two about animal care.

He would let me watch him perform basic examinations on pets like cats and dogs, and would even let me take some of the dogs outside for walks and play time. So while it's true that I loved all animals, there was only one creature on our planet that I considered my favorite: the African Lion.

Every time my parents took TJ and me to the zoo, I would always find the quickest way to the lion exhibit to see them in all of their glory. For me, it wasn't just how they looked or how they roared, but the way they represented a sense of nobility, honor, and pride. It was traits like these that drew me to these amazing and majestic big cats of the wild.

This is also what led to the biggest surprise of my life, when my parents presented me with four passes to a big cat sanctuary in South Africa, on my birthday no less.


When we finally reached Africa, I was immediately enthralled by numerous new sights, sounds and smells of this foreign continent…at least that was the case once the jet lag wore off. As we drove towards the sanctuary via a local bus, I was in awe at the sight of the vast savannah before me. It was truly amazing how detached it was from the civilized world, letting its natural beauty encompass the landscape.

This truly was the best birthday present ever. Immediately I rushed over to the fences to get a closer look. We don't know how they'll react to new faces! His worry was understandable, but sometimes I thought he worried a bit too much. It's not like I'm going to stick my fingers through the fencing or anything! It's nice to meet you. Sorry girl. In the weeks that followed, I got to experience all sorts of new things.

For one, I got to help feed the lions by tossing huge slabs of meat over the fence and right into the compound. It amazed me how fast the lions were as they went right for the meat with incredible speed; a good enough reason to not try and outrace a lion. There were also downsides to our visit, such as the intense heat, and picking up droppings from empty enclosures. I had never smelled anything so foul in my whole life. But the real highlight of my visit was my occasional visit with the lioness I met when I first arrived.

lion king meets humans fanfiction

I eventually discovered that her name is Maua, which was Swahili for flower, which I found fitting, because I truly thought she was quite the beautiful creature.

I knew she probably couldn't understand me, but that didn't matter much to me. The fact that she would come over and acknowledge my presence was enough to make my day. I found out that Maua was raised by the caretakers of the sanctuary, so she was used to interacting with people on a daily basis, which made spending time with her that much more worthwhile.

What can I say? Even with her kind heart, she still knew when to give good advice.

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