Reposition for the position sermon

I have shared before that I believe that God is always speaking to usbut that there are reasons we do not always hear His voice. John But being in relationship with Him means at one point of our lives, we did hear His voice and listen to what He had to say and accepted Him as our Savior. I also believe that all of us at one point have wished that we could hear Him more. Today, I would like to share five things that you could do to position yourself to hear from God.

I hope that is helpful to you today.

How to Position Your Life in the Greatness of God

If there is something in the list which you could do better, to position yourself more effectively to hear from God, what are you going to do about it today? Lord help me to identify what I need to do to hear your voice more clearly in my life. As I examine each of these five areas in my life, make my heart sensitive to the prodding of the Holy Spirit so that I move myself spiritually to be in a position to hear your voice. I want to be one of those sheep that recognise your voice and obey.

The Ear is in Hear. Remember and Go Find Him Yourself. Show Me Your Faith. Thanks so much ma. I really believe that the points highlighted will be of earnest help to me. More grace ma. Thank you Atem, may you hear His voice more clearly. Be sure to read the blog post the Ear is in Hear as well. Number 5 is very true,God really uses difficult situations to draw our attention to listen to him.

Thank you Thato for your feedback. Trusting that as you go through your own difficult times, God will speak to your heart. Thank you Osei Sarfo for your feedback. You blessed me today and encouraged me, by letting me know that God has spoken to you through my writing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Simply enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive weekly treasures from my heart.

Previous Next. View Larger Image. Spend time in His Presence. Once the Lord was there in the silenceElijah went out and heard His voice. The voice of the Holy Spirit is that still small voice that brings conviction, confirmation and clarity.

I believe that if you are not sure if you are hearing His voice, be obedient anyway. He will confirm that you heard from Him or not. But, if you never test it, how will you know what He does not sound like. Heb Serve under your spiritual leaders in the spiritual home God has placed you in.

In your spiritual home, God speaks and leaders are familiar with His voice. Samuel served under Eli and when the time came for God to speak to him directly, it was his spiritual leaderEli that helped him to recognize the voice of God and then position himself to hear and be obedient. When God speaks He is clear and understandable and does not leave His servants in the dark.

Recognise that God speaks to us through other peoplebut also know that what He says, never contradicts His Word. When God speaks to us through other people, it normally confirms that which He has spoken to us previously.

Many people will speak on behalf of the Lord without spending time in His presence and listening to what He says.John NIV. Sermons on John Collection: Christ's Triumphant Resurrection.

The Easter Challenge. Against All Odds. This Is Love. Come Alive. Scripture: Ecclesiastes Denomination: Pentecostal. Israel has slipped into apathy and complacency as a result the alarm has sounded to get our attention, the alarm has sounded for our heart, and the alarm has sounded to repositioning.

Sound the Shofar Joel Israel has slipped into apathy and complacency as a result, this disaster came there way. Locust had come and had brought God s judgment, the locust are described as an invading army 6A nation has invaded my land, powerful and without number; Scripture: Joel Denomination: United Methodist.

Continuous practise of the pillars of spirituality by the church would reposition the Body of Christ for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Chrisy. May the peace of the Lord be with you. Scripture: Acts Denomination: Charismatic. Rise up by faith, build, and reposition yourself, you will see success.

Yes, you are going to receive it this year — Pressed down, shaken together, running over, arise and build. Reposition yourself. Your best is yet to come. Scripture: Nehemiah Denomination: Assembly Of God.

This sermon is on the subject of spiritual renewal and was preached as preparation for a Lay Renewal Weekend and to call for commitment of the church to participate in the spiritual event.

A revelation is an unveiling, it is a making known of that which has been hidden. This unveiling is that which God gave unto John that his servants might be shown the things which must come to pass. Scripture: Revelation Denomination: Baptist. Prayer with fasting is not impossible for all things are possible with Christ Jesus, so we must intensify our prayers with fasting to move the mountains in our lives that plague and torment us.

Gale A. Denomination: Friends. This message examines the preparation and provision of power to the church and believers by our Saviour in order for us to carry out the Great Commission.John NIV. Sermons on John Collection: Christ's Triumphant Resurrection.

Reposition Yourself Part 2

The Easter Challenge. Against All Odds.

reposition for the position sermon

This Is Love. Come Alive. Scripture: Romans Scripture: 1 Corinthians Denomination: Baptist. Scripture: James Access to God through prayer is a privilege and responsibility of every believer. He turned to the religion section and was surprised to see a full-page article on a sister church in the community.

reposition for the position sermon

That following week he called Scripture: Hebrews Denomination: Wesleyan. One of the ways that Christians live in a positive manner is to discover the ministry, and their gifts and serve God and those around them using their particular gifts in their unique style. We can either approach life as an optimist, or we can approach life as a pessimist. Both optimists and pessimists look to the future.

However, one sees the positive possibilities, while Denomination: Lutheran. The Power of Positives Luke The story of the baker and the girl: a wealthy baker got 20 of the poorest children and gave them each a loaf of bread every day, the children fought over who would get the largest loaf, one little girl Scripture: Luke Denomination: Church Of God.

Prudent, accurate, honest, sensitive communication is a major theme threaded through Proverbs. This emphasis is mandated because words and actions are the way we relate to one another. Basically, we need to accentuate the Scripture: Proverbs A powerful treatise of a rare type,this exposition analysed the effects of both positive and negative perspective on destiny. Life is to be lived once, if you have correct information, once is enough!

Denomination: Pentecostal. And when they had called him unto David, the king said unto him, Art thou Ziba? And he Scripture: 2 Samuel Stewardship of Creation is part of our responsibility to God: We respond to God through our activity in the world he made. A Responsible Position When I prepare a sermon, I often look around to see what other people have made of the passage I am about to preach on. Scripture: Psalms The Word will challenge you…gets all up in your business; in your face!!!

To convict : Expresses the work on the unbelieving portion of man. To convince : Expresses the work on the believing portion of man.

Upcoming Events section in the Jerusalem Post newspaper. Not even what dad and mom and others might have said.

A weighing happening. A great calming effect is produced by experiencing his physical presence. There may be things in your life that prevent you from coming to Christ. He probably looked foolish to the people under the tree that day Photographers scrap with one another just to get a picture of a celebrity.

A beggar: to be in such need, one comes forward pros to day another for help aiteo. Imagine the humiliation, the degradation of this man; how much he must have wanted out of this lifestyle!!! Do not I fill heaven and earth? When God sees you, your whole life is bared before Him - thoughts, desires, affairs, transparent. The men saw an adulteress, worthy of death. Jesus never sees the.

Salvation confirmed - Jesus said To seek and to save that which was lost. Luke — Romans John Sermon Tone Analysis. Related Media. Related Sermons.As a matter of fact, man was blessed from the beginning, but he lost it through sin.

What he was blessed with was cursed when he was banished out of the Garden of Eden. Until you come to Jesus, all the positions and possessions you have is cursed. It is Jesus that lifts up this curse from the blessing.

Every blessing outside Jesus carries sorrow. I want you to know that you are thoroughly blessed by the God that made the heaven and the earth.

Blessing is not really about the physical possession but the content within. Isa Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him. According to the account in Genesis, this is the first encounter of Abraham with God. God called him and even referred us to his account as a reflection of true blessing. Until this encounter, Abraham was just a man like any other but was blessed increased afterwards.

Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?

Changing Your Condition By Changing Your Position

Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect? When you lose expectation you lose everything. Hold on to your faith to keep hope alive. Skip to content. I want to address the following questions people usually ask about blessing: Is it the will of God to prosper me more than this level? The answer is a resounding yes.

reposition for the position sermon

To be ready is to be positioned like Abraham. Grace found Abraham but he needed faith to actualize the blessing. You need to change you location to change your position.

The people you surround yourself with are important to your faith. Association determines your faith. You will need to leave some of your associates, friends and relatives. You need to change your position to change your condition — Pro. You need to change a number of environments: mental, psychological, physical, spiritual, et al. You must live a life of obedience — Gen.

For a blessing to go into operation, you must live a live obedience. You must live a life of sacrifice. When sacrifices are offered God shows up. Sacrifice is a thing of importance to God. It is anything you do or give that cost you something and it essentially comes from the heart. When it is a sacrifice it moves God. Hannah gave her son, Abraham gave God his only son, and the widow of Zarephath gave her last meal. Sacrifice is doing things from the heart — Gen. Your sacrifice must be full and in whole.

It must be offered by faith in God.The modern American evangelical church has largely relegated theology as being irrelevant to life, boring, and even divisive. That stuff is dangerous! But I have often recalled it. Imagine, reading theology is dange r ous! How can I rear my kids? How can I maximize my potential on the job? I just want to know what works! But the New Testament never divorces doctrine from deeds.

What we believe impacts how we behave. Paul spends the first three chapters of Ephesians laying out many glorious theological truths before he applies it in chapters He does the same thing in Romansbefore the practical instruction in chapter It is vitally important that we understand who God is, who we are, and what God has done for us in Christ as the foundation for how we live as Christians.

Understanding our position in Christ is the basis for our practice in daily life. The author of Hebrews follows the same pattern. Although a few times he has interrupted his doctrinal themes to apply it, most of the book to this point has been doctrinal. In the first four chapters, he demonstrated how Jesus Christ is superior to all in His pe r son.

From chapter 5 throughhe shows how Christ is superior to all in His priesthood. He shows us here how to put our new position in Christ into practice. Because of our new position in Christ, we should draw near to God in faith, hold fast the confession of our hope, and consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds. Inhe briefly summarizes our position in Christ with two vital truths.

Then he shows how this position should affect our daily practice. Only the high priest could enter there, and only once a year.Love your wife as Christ loves the church Ephesiansand be not bitter against her Colossiansthat your prayers be not hindered 1 Peter Another key measurement of where you are with God is your relationship with your wife.

reposition for the position sermon

Your wife is the measurement of your salvation. Love respects the wife and addresses any moodiness she may exhibit, with tolerance. A good wife will take your correction if you love her; and the correction will restore and increase the love between you.

But if you devalue your wife; any correction will build her resistance against you. Once you enter the game of positioning you prove that envy is the current ruler of your spirit Jamesand is thus a threat to your salvation. The head should not be separate from the body; it should guide the body, which is an extension and expression of the head.

Everything in life comes down to position. Inferiority drives people to strive for feelings of value through higher position; but this is the one thing that must be sacrificed for salvation. Position saw the downfall of Satan, and the downfall of Adam and Eve; the downfall of King Saul; and the downfall of the Pharisees. The point is, that as the husband, you will never have a love relationship with your wife based on position; she will not respect your contradiction.

From that position, God elevates you spiritually, rarely physically. But what if the wife is a Jezebel? The wife usually goes into emotional numbness and blocks the pain of the put-down. My wife and I were walking along the beach in the rain. A dog persistently yapped at our heels whilst the owner walked by laughing.

I then asked my wife to hold the umbrella. My first thought was a feeling of guilt that I must have spoken sharply, but I quickly re-evaluated the situation and made a choice to address a demonic spirit operating through my wife. Fortunately my wife could see that she was out of character and took responsibility, admitted she was wrong and repented, and got free. In her heart, without being fully conscious of her thoughts, she was fighting with the wrongness of the man which was truebut what she missed was the trap of falling into her own pride of annoyance based on not being treated with proper respect.

She saw it when I addressed the spirit, and our unity was restored. The righteous husband must already be in this attitude of position. Pride is simply the temptation to get your own way. The job of a righteous husband is to stop his own pride, by giving no licence to himself to have a mood, so that he can be ready always to protect and defend his family against false spiritual forces.

Sadly, there are few fathers with this heart. Everyone, including fathers, is into doing it right so they look good to others. Consequently, no one sees themselves, they only see the perpetrator.

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